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Psychic Medium Kandace Montealegre

Kandace Montealegre

Natural Born Psychic

Kandace knew at a very young age that she had something special. A gift that she wasn’t quite sure how to understand or what to do with. Not long after having suffered a Near Death Experience, an experience in which she clearly had a conversation with God, she realized she had a power that was only getting stronger. And it was something she knew she couldn’t ignore.

Developing Her Gift

Over the years, she continued to develop her gift, and finally decided it was time to share it with the world.

Kandace has something that has the power to transform and shape lives, and she’s ready to share it with you. Kandace uses her gift as a Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Healer to move her clients on a path toward the joy and happiness they’ve been wanting.

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Sessions Designed to Empower

The abilities she uses in a session depend on what the client needs. Her sessions are designed to empower, so you will be able to gain resolution and wisdom into whatever situation you are struggling with. She will guide you on how to raise your positive vibration with the universe so you can start the process of achieving what you want.

Let Kandace change your thinking. Let her knowledge and insight change your perception on what a psychic and medium can do. You are a part of the equation. Only you can believe. Only you can bring the knowledge you receive from her into your soul and use it to transform your life. And she will make it easy and fun for you to do just that. Because after speaking with her, you can’t help but feel excited about the changes that are about to take place.


This is truly Life Coaching at it's best

Kandace is a remarkable woman with a true connectivness to the other side. If you are seeking knowledge on relationships, money, direction in life in general you will find it with her. She is down to earth and will put you at ease from the start. Her guidance is infallible.

Kandace works with only the highest sources of white light and energy. Her healing and energy work is like no other.

View the testimonies from her clients. Make the right choice and call her today. It's that simple! You are only a moment away from getting the answers and guidance you need to move forward.

She was so accurate and precise

All I can say is....WOW!!! I have had many sessions in the past and although some were good, my session from Kandace was FANTASTIC. The universe guided me to her website and even though I had never met her and it was over the phone (I live in Canada) she blew me away. She was so accurate and precise with so many different things happening in my life. I couldn't believe it. She really helped me out with some difficult situations I have been going through. I can't thank her enought. Kandace truly has a remarkable gift that can help many people. You will have no regrets, I promise you that!

Becky Zimmerman Brantford, Ontario, Canada